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Exclusive: Stream Gunner & Smith’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Gunner & Smith’s new track “Gold”, the Saskatchewan-based americana folk-rock artist Gunner & Smith (aka Geoff Smith) curated a brand new exclusive Spotify playlist. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

When he sings, Smith unleashes a triumphantly clear voice that weds elements of his prairies upbringing. Despite the fiery effects – the intense, dusky melodies and wistful urgency – the singer/songwriter possesses something else entirely: tales that are strikingly familiar. 

Combining the telltale gravel crunch of a grid road with the soaring expanse of skies, it’s this voice, both lush and literate, that carries forth his stories of connection and shared experiences marked with an uncanny fluency in Americana folk and roots rock. 

And now Smith, who records music as Gunner & Smith, is back with a new collection of songs that are packed with both tension and redemption. His third full-length album, Hear You In My Head, due September 16, 2022, expands his take on a tried and true genre, and continues the deeply entrenched traditions of evocative lyricism that has established Smith as a voice well worth paying attention to. His lyrics trace an increasingly intricate existence: doubt, trust, faith, reflection. Hauntingly beautiful chords each come with their own suitcase full of tension, each capable of delivering their own reckoning. 

The Wooden Sky – “I’m Your Man”

The Wooden Sky are one of my favourite Canadian bands. What I love about this song is that it builds such an atmosphere and just surrounds you. I always get lost in this track and feel like I’m walking down a country road in the dark. 

The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Colorado”

I’m a huge fan of Gram Parsons and love the feel the band creates with him on this track with the interplay of the piano and the guitar. 

Margo Cilker – “That River”

I ran across this album and listened to it non-stop for a few days. Saskatoon, the city I grew up in is built around a river and this song reminds me of that. The river is a power not to be taken lightly or underestimated and I love the way this song captures that feeling. 

Townes Van Zandt  – “St. John the Gambler”

Townes is my favourite songwriter and this was the first song of his that l learned how to play. 

Courtney Marie Andrews – “Table for One”

This song is an amazing expression of the difficult parts of what it is to be a touring musician. As someone who spent a lot of time on the road alone, this song immediately takes me back to that place. 

Ruth Etting – “Crying for the Carolines”

Some songs you hear once and they just get a hold of you. I heard this song on my local community radio station driving home one night and it has been a favourite ever since. 

Richard Inman – “Faded Love Better Days”

Richard’s songwriting is incredible and you can hear some of those influences like Townes Van Zandt in it.

Jim Ford – “Big Mouth USA – Slow Version”

There is something about the groove and feel of this song that I love and can’t get enough of. 

The Deslondes – “Muddy Water”

JJ from The Deslondes did a lot of work on my new record playing guitar, pedal steel, baritone guitar, dobro, and fiddle. I absolutely love this track of theirs and when I listen to it, I usually play it three times in a row. 

Bruce Springsteen – “Highway Patrolman”

If you don’t know that Bruce did a folk album you should go listen to Nebraska now. I like ending a playlist with a song that drops you off in the middle of nowhere wondering what now? Where am I? This is the perfect song for that. 


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