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Exclusive: Stream MOONBEAN’s New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Their Favourite Toronto Electronic Artists

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of MOONBEAN’s new single “rck vs ocn“, the emerging Toronto-based electropop duo curated a brand new Spotify playlist that features a few of their favourite Toronto-based electronic artists. Stream it exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

MOONBEAN is a queer, Toronto-based solo artist. Performing as an electronic duo with bandmate and co-producer Colin Harrington, they play a live, synth hardware set with lush vocal melodies. The music reigns in experimental synth-pop with flavours of psychedelia, acid-house, techno and disco with a punk attitude.

MOONBEAN’s music pulls inspiration from artists like Little Dragon, Peaches and Eurythmics. With a passion for movement and sound paired with layers of alluring, synthesized melodies and heavy dance rhythms, MOONBEAN aim’s to get your heartbeat going, feet moving and heart filled with messages of love and empowerment.

On stage, you’ll see them sporting cosmically confused attire while they wield electrically stimulating sounds and rhythms that create a space for all listeners to get weird on the dance floor.

The woman behind MOONBEAN, Valentina Morelli, has been playing with 3x Juno nominated rock band The Johnnys for several years and has toured all over Canada at festivals such as Snow King Festival (Yellowknife, NWT), Pride TO (Toronto, ON) and Hillside Festival (Guelph, ON). She is also actively part of four other Canadian-based bands, including another project of her own under her name. These bands range in genre from the blues to psychedelic synth/prog-rock to Canadiana.

Music and dance have been a passion since day one and continue to influence Valentina’s life, purpose and work. Spending most of her days exploring, absorbing and educating herself in these art forms including; seven years combining a college diploma and a university degree at Humber College for music, 10 years of performance experience and six years of teaching and performing dance.

During lockdown in early 2021, Valentina made a goal to write a song every day in January – through this process some gems floated to the surface and over the year flourished to what has become the MOONBEAN’s debut album MOONTUNES. The album was released on Sept. 2, 2022. The debut single of the album, “Worlds Collide”, was released into the wild in February 2022 alongside some funky visuals to heighten the experience and excite your senses.

With countless hours spent pushing buttons, turning knobs, wrangling wires and crafting thick, complex layers of synthesizers and drum beats, MOONBEAN is just over the moon with excitement to share with planet Earth the sounds, messages and experiences from their travels through the cosmos.

Phèdre – “Haberdash”

As of late Phèdre’s live performances consists of the two of them doing a live hardware continuous dance set. We’ve seen them play several times and everytime we come away so inspired and impressed. You can check out their live sets on their Soundcloud.

Moon King – “In and Out”

Moon King brings dreamy, groovy dance party vibes everytime he plays. We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Moon King and would do it over and over again because we love his music and energy.

World News – “A message for the kids”

Tyler, of World News played in the band Adverteyes with Colin of MOONBEAN years ago. Seeing Tyler and Bill develop their live synth hardware set shed inspiration for our set. 

Animal Party – “Enchantment”

Every cell in Animal Party’s being is musical. They not only compose beautiful pieces mixing acoustic and electronic elements but they also produce and DJ.

Slash Need – “Leather”

Slash Need’s music and live performance are volatile, chaotic and erotic. We love the energy they bring to every show.

Paulo Sinski – “Welcome Back”

If Paulo Sinski is playing a show in your town, I highly suggest you attend because not only is his music awesome an innovative but Paulo’s stage presence is golden.

Simps. Inc – “Hypnotized”

This song is so good! We really admire the composition and intriguing textures that evolve in this piece, paired with alluring vocals. 

Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz – “Re-Veil”

Sook-Yin Lee is an Canadian Indie legend who has always been an active part of and supporter of the Toronto indie scene, and who we are really inspired by.

Regina Gently, Kelly McMicheal, & Precious Jewel  – “You Can Be The Dancefloor”

We’ve seen Regina perform in many of their carnations and have always really enjoyed hoped following their career. This song is an instant classic.

shn shn – “divine”

We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with shn shn earlier this year, and one thing that captured me and seemingly the whole audience was their grounded, calming energy which transferred through their music and filled the whole room. shn shn is divine!



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