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Dizzy Returns With New Video for “Barking Dog”

By: Staff –

Canadian band Dizzy returns with “Barking Dog,” a somber reflection around the thesis, “don’t beat yourself up, kid.” Vocalist Katie Munshaw laments her family dog that suffered abuse prior to the family’s ownership in this melancholic indie ballad. Dizzy also shares a haunting video which finds Munshaw thrashing in a dimly-lit bathroom, clad in a mask and boxing glove to smash through her sorrows.

“Barking Dog” begins with an apologetic verse and atmospheric synths, then steadily builds to a catharsis packed with fuzzy guitars and dreamy backing vocals. Dizzy works outside of the traditional song structure with the evolution of each mantra-like chorus. Munshaw repeats, “and no amount loving / can stop the dog from barking / when she’s in pain.” She deepens the meaning of the “Barking Dog” motif, elaborating, “This song is mostly about how we’re all just products of our youth; doomed in various ways none of us asked for.”

A masked Munshaw stars in the video, which she explains: 

When it was time to discuss visuals for the album I had serious anxiety about being on camera. I find it strange how musicians are often introverted people yet one of the largest parts of our job is visually selling ourselves to an audience. It feels unnatural to pine for strangers’ attention to afford rent or whatever, and as someone who’s particularly sensitive it isn’t sustainable. To me the mask not only represents a calloused version of myself but it lends itself to an anonymity that I love. A Jane Doe of sorts. I like the idea of a female artist making the conscious decision to take her appearance out of the question for the audience.”

Munshaw describes the process of shooting the video:  

“The Barking Dog video is a play on the saying “don’t beat yourself up, kid” which is basically the thesis of the song. Our director Ryan was like “what if you just punched yourself in your face for 3 minutes straight?” and I was like “Fuck it, why not?” We shot visuals for 4 songs total the day we shot the Barking Dog video, but we saved it for last purposely. We were both exhausted in a way that felt loopy and right. Most of the crew had gone home for the night so it was just us two in this little weird bathroom ready to rumble. We did three takes and by the end of it all I was pretty teary. I don’t know that I will ever forget being in that bathroom with my pal feeling very safe and understood while simultaneously scared of my own feelings. 10/10 would punch myself in the face again.”



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