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Jenn Grant Shares New Video for “Judy”

By: Staff –

Jenn Grant has shared a new video for her first single, “Judy”, to be taken from her forthcoming new album Champagne Problems.

“Judy” was written and performed with Kim Harris and is Harris’ parents’ love story reimagined inside a horn-laden 1960s rock ’n’ roll song. The masterfully cinematic video depicts a new take on Kim’s parents’ history. Filmed on location at Johnny’s Snack Bar in Halifax, it showcases some of the city’s brightest stars including Kim Harris, Mo Kenney, Aquakultre, Zamani Folade, Mel Stone, Jools Annie and Chudi Harris.

“Writing “Judy” with Kim Harris felt like a gift from another realm,” says Grant, “and when I sing it now I can feel the power and the joy in it for others, which is just amazing to see.”

“Judy” was directed by Jenn’s sister in law, Tessa Fleming, and shot by her brother, cinematographer, Daniel Grant (Station Eleven, Night Raiders) “The capturing of these scenes in the diner felt to me like the making of a short film, in the city where my brother and I grew up, says Grant. The story we made is about love, about wanting more, and never giving up.”

Speaking on the making of the video husband and wife team Tessa Fleming (director) and Daniel Grant (cinematographer) explain, “I think because there is deep love and respect between us all the process of making Judy unfolded fluidly. Our collaboration felt trusting, generous and open. This is a love story that is bigger than two people, it’s about how intuition, art and love brings people together and stretches us in ways we could never imagine.”

The song was recorded and produced by Jenn and her longtime collaborator and husband Daniel Ledwell at Lake Echo last summer.


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