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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Francis Arevalo’s Vibrantly Energetic New Single “I Can’t Wait”

By: Staff –

Vancouver-based hiphop artist Francis Arevalo is back with his vibrantly energetic new single “I Can’t Wait”, which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I Can’t Wait” is an expertly crafted Hip-Hop track that stands out as both a nod to his musical predecessors and an explosive display of his modern artistic skill set. With layered drums, an expansive horn section, and stirring interaction between his lyrical delivery and the track, “I Can’t Wait” dazzles with both lyrical and structural authenticity, worked and reworked multiple times until Francis felt it was just right. A song about facing one’s own mortality after a difficult mental health struggle, “I Can’t Wait” challenges both the listener and the artist himself to find what it is they care about enough to fully commit to. Encapsulating who Francis is as an artist today in its lyrical positivity and purpose-filled themes, the song is both the result of the manifestation of an artist in the face of uncertain challenges, and a future manifestation for what is to come. Having worked and re-worked the single multiple times, Francis’ skills as a lyrical wordsmith, creative producer, and intentional, dedicated artist shine as he infuses his lyrics with groove, emotion, and key over a number of years that makes the song into the musical masterpiece it is today.

“I Can’t Wait” is rooted in the creative authenticity Francis has become most known for in both his artistic and industry related professionalism, perfectly encapsulating his incredible songwriting, flow, and dedication to his art. As he prepares to release more music in 2023, Francis’ latest single will serve as the perfect reintroduction of the Hip-Hop artist who intends to use his positive lyrics and musical expertise to inspire new and old audiences alike.

Francis Arevalo is a Filipino rapper and multi-hyphenate based in Vancouver, BC. Having grown up listening to thoughtful lyricists and developing in the local poetry slam scene, he is a wordsmith weaving together personal storytelling, thoughtful messages, and clever lyricism. As a hip-hop artist, Arevalo’s main aims are to energize, gather, learn, share and empower. As a producer, his creations are colourful, lush, and hard-hitting, shaped into the right backdrops for his lyricism to shine. He is equally at home performing solo or with his band, from living rooms and coffee shops, to theatres and festival stages; he crafts passionate performances for any venue he is given, shaping his offerings to meet the audience where they’re at.

Off-stage, Arevalo wears various hats. He dedicates himself to mental health advocacy, community gatherings, entrepreneurship, and fellow independent artists. He has been a speaker, facilitator, Creative BC Music Program Coordinator, Blue Crane Agency Operations Lead, and Music BC Board Director; all of these roles and more now inform his work as founder and manager of UWIDO, a company prioritizing support by and for BIPOC artists. After years developing his writing, voice and production, and now being supported by UWIDO, Francis Arevalo is now ready to release his debut LP in April 2023, entitled 0427 Act I: HEATCHECK!. The first entry into the 0427 trilogy, this album is the sound of his conversations with, and learnings from, his inner child from 2008-2014.



One thought on “Exclusive Premiere: Stream Francis Arevalo’s Vibrantly Energetic New Single “I Can’t Wait”

  1. I have followed Francis since he was a teenager .. he is a multi-talented, creative and compelling artist. I can’t wait (!!) to hear this – I know it is going to be worth the wait.

    Posted by Jan Marshall | February 18, 2023, 5:48 am

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