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Haviah Mighty Shares New Double Video for “Honey Bun/Room Service”

By: Staff –

Haviah Mighty is kicking off the New Year with a new double video for her tracks “Honey Bun/Room Service”.

The double-feature visual blends both of the tunes with cinematic zeal, capturing sonic chapters of a relationship, with reflections that range from self-worth to proclamations of desire.

Mighty expands on another aspect of the love story within “Room Service”, written from a position of bargaining in a relationship:

“This song reflects on the many phases of denial that I experienced going through a recent breakup. My self-worth was shattered, I convinced myself that things weren’t as bad as they seemed, and that it wasn’t my fault. I was fully aware that this person had already let me go, by their mannerisms, the shifts in attitude, and the conversations we had. I knew their heart wasn’t in it anymore.

But it wasn’t official. Because of that, I had this glimmer of hope – as if the energy wasn’t loud enough, and as if I didn’t know what the outcome would be. For me, this song grew into an anthem of lust, wonderment, desire and delusion. The sultry lead melodies pull you in as I plead for my lover to wait for me. Just hold on. The bouncy synths playfully suck you into a vortex of heavy-hitting 808s and afro-style grooves that remind you that I’m not just a rapper – but also a singer, Jamaican, and Toronto-born.”

For the videos, Mighty re-connected with Directors Kit Weyman and Chrris Lowe of acclaimed production company, Fela (Drake, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalia), who worked on her Prism Prize-nominated video, Protest (featuring Yizzy). Mighty’s fervent creative approach shows representation of herself, both culturally and personally, within the piece as it intersects her Caribbean roots with her journey as a queer woman.

Commencing with “Honey Bun”, Mighty begins to tell the story of the relationship at a stage where she has not quite hit the level of negotiation in “Room Service”. The narrative unfolds into something fresh and unique; an authentic portrait of the pure energy exchange that evolves in a classic jam set in an inclusive, queer-friendly space that you’ll want to party in, too.

“In Honey Bun, we see me disassociating with a past love, let down, and looking for distractions as a form of medicine. I began to rely heavily on having multiple beautiful partners, money, designer clothes, drugs and any other way to escape the hurt. Still, this person from the past plagues my mind, as we start to sonically and visually shift into Room Service. We see reflections of the past love spliced with moments of us together, before we’re sucked into a new setting, with a new energy. It’s gritty and grungy. It’s sweaty and sultry,” Mighty expands.

You see Mighty Gang in the cut, representing – and you see me spotting a new love interest, while caught between the two as the old love interest enters the frame. We see a love triangle that manifested between an old and new love – and while it was a good time, it ultimately wasn’t real, and didn’t last. Together, these two videos/songs depict the difficult stages in a breakup that we all inevitably go through -and the reality that, if it’s not to be, no matter what occurs – it will not be.”

Stay tuned for more from Haviah Mighty this year.



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