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Jenn Grant Announces New Album “Champagne Problems”, Shares First Single “How I Loved You” feat. Amy Millan

By: Staff –

On June 21 Jenn Grant will release her new album Champagne Problems. Today she shares a new taste of the album by way of a new single and video, “How I Loved You,” which was written with Hannah Georgas. Amy Millan (Stars) joined Hannah and Grant on the recording and is featured in the bewitching cinematic film for the song which was directed by Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. Watch the video below.

Of the song and film clip, Grant says: “I have been thinking a lot about the idea of heartbreak lately, and how we try to cover up the pain and the joy that led to it just to feel nothing at all. And that maybe it is better to feel everything rather than nothing. Maybe we do not need to forget, and we just need to feel. Because it is the reason humans are together on this earth. To fall in love, to break apart, to feel, cry, grieve, and grow stronger. This is what love is to me.”

She continues, “This song is going to break your heart as it did mine. And the video is the magical element that brings it to life. Working with Kevin Drew on this video was one of the greatest joys of my career to date. Kevin is a born creative leader. He brings people together and he digs the best out of you. He pushes me in exciting ways and makes me believe that what we are bound to create is worth fighting for.”

Amy Millan goes on to say: “Prepare for listening to “How I Loved You” by being alone. This way you may cry like you have to, want to and need to for as long as you can remember. Then you can listen to it 17-1700 times consecutively and cry a little more. That’s what happened to me anyway.”

Of the song and process Kevin Drew said: “When I heard this song for the first time it pushed me into the emotion of thievery around the heart. The constant cycle of what’s been stolen from us and what we have stolen from others. Hearts and robbers. That was the idea we set out to make. Hearts and robbers.”

“How I Loved You” follows the first single Grant shared off of Champagne Problems, the album’s opener “Judy” which features Kim Harris and was written about Harris’ parents’ love story reimagined inside a horn-laden 1960s rock ’n’ roll song.

Champagne Problems was recorded and produced by Grant and her longtime collaborator and husband Daniel Ledwell at Lake Echo, Nova Scotia. The LP is Grant’s eighth album and first in the producer’s chair. The 12 tracks encompass a series of collaborative Canadian magic tricks spun into classic country, lost disco hits, and ruminative folk fables. It came together while at home during the pandemic. Determined to recognize this as a rare period of boundless creativity, she began reaching out.

“Part of the fun game of it for me was to see how people were and to get to know the people better through how they write,” says Grant. “I feel like it was a real insight to them as artists. And it definitely opened me up— when I was a younger songwriter, I was very stream-of-consciousness. From Compostela on, I started to be more analytical about what I am actually saying, what are these lyrics? I was starting to think about what am I putting out? Talking about songs and figuring out what we were actually coming up with was eye-opening for me. And they were good writing exercises, I learned stuff.”

Pre-order Champagne Problems here.



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