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Exclusive: Stream Höhn’s New Curated “Fireside Sunsets” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

Toronto’s Höhn arrives with debut single “Egypt Lake” – created entirely with field recordings from Banff National Park. An atmospheric instrumental driven by field recordings of water, it induces a sense of determined focus as hypnotic melodies interplay with fluttering percussion while hard-hitting bass builds into a euphoric crescendo.

To celebrate, Höhn curated a new Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the single. Check it out below.

“I made this playlist remembering a fireside sunset at Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park. We had a whole small island to ourselves, and being exhausted from canoeing, it felt amazing to relax and watch the sunset after dinner,” said Höhn.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – “Ever New”

This album is a recent discovery for me and I can’t believe I didn’t know of it before. It’s a beautiful vibe and a foundational text for synthesis. Beverly is an amazing composer and his whimsical sensitivity shines through on every track.

Gigi Masin – “Tears Of Clown”

Another track from the 80s that holds up wonderfully. This track from the album ‘Wind’ makes me want to lose myself in a distant horizon.

No Cosmos – “Almost Lost You”

This is a great track and makes me think of a group of musicians that I love. I was honoured to play keys on this one.

Ouri, Mind Bath – “Odd or God”

This is what it sounds like when two beautiful souls who have been collaborating for years put their heads together and make an amazing track. Ouri and Mind Bath’s ethereal and soulful vocals combine to float over an uncertain beat and hold your heart in tenderness.

SOPHIE – “Is It Cold In The Water?”

Sophie is the ultimate queen and has influenced so many musicians. I’m so thankful for everything she created.

Yussef Kamaal – “Strings of Light”

This track’s groove speaks for itself!

Busty and the Bass – “Caribou”

It was really special to write and co-produce this track with my band. Hope you enjoy it

Floating Points – “Silhouettes (I, II, III)”

This track changed the game for me. The way it combines electronic production elements with live performance is immaculate, and I still return to it for inspiration.

Marconi Union – “Ginza District”

This whole album is full of incredible ambient techno tracks, and I love music that’s inspired by capturing the vibe of a place.

Aphex Twin – “Xtal”

One of the greats of electronic music, Aphex Twin’s debut album might not be the most original choice but I keep coming back to it.

Kiasmos – “Blurred”

Kiasmos made me want to make techno music, and they have this ability to make the unusual into something beautiful and pristine.

Höhn – “Egypt Lake”

I’m happy to have recently released this track inspired by another camping trip at another lake. I hope it gets the rest of your evening off to a great start.



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