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Exclusive: Stream Francis Blvd’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Francis Blvd.’s new single “All Came From Me”, the Laval, Quebec-based artist curated a brand new Spotify playlist. Stream it below! 

Francis Blvd. is the solo project of Francis Gabriel-Alexandre. Francis delivers a fusion of R&B, hip hop and an occasional touch of jazz elements led by soulful tenor vocals. After years of playing in several bands/collectives and in multiple shows, Francis started performing mainly as a solo artist in 2019, releasing a few singles and working on his debut EP, Radical Neutral, out now.

The lead single from this collection, “All Came From Me,” is a great introduction to him, as a person and as a songwriter. At the same time that he praises his family for making him the person he is today, he also breaks the connection with a toxic relationship with his biological father (also named Francis), refusing to give him acknowledgement for his own negative traits.

Amber Mark – “What It Is”

Amber Mark is a name I heard a lot but I had actually not heard her music. I found this song just recently and realized that I’ve been missing out. The groove and her energy is too good.

Duckwrth – “Super Bounce”

Duckwrth’s charisma is always on display in all his song and this one is no different. A song I really love to listen to while driving.

Steve Lacy – “Dark Red”

This is one of the first songs I’ve heard from Steve Lacy. Steve’s musical style makes me want to pick up the guitar again. One of his older songs but it’s still one of my favorites.

Remi Wolf – “Liz”

I’m always too impressed whenever this girl sings anything. She has an insane vocal range and vocal tone. And the whole chord progression reminiscent of older soul music in this one is nostalgic and just wonderful.

JMSN – “Rolling Stone”

One of my favorite blue-eyed soul artists (along with Mac Ayers and Allen Stone). But this song just sets a good mood.

Mereba (feat. JID) – “Sandstorm”

Two artists I like a lot. When I heard JID sing instead of rapping, it was actually a welcomed surprise. This song is a whole vibe.

Kaytranada – “Vex Oh”

Kaytranada always had a knack for catchy bass lines on house music productions. I’m still trying to get into producing house music, but I’m not quite there yet. Still, this is great inspiration.

Masego – “Navajo”

I like to look deeper into the production for the songs I listen to. I always thought the production on this song was incredible. When I found out it used an A Capella sample of the Beatles song “Michelle”, I thought it was brilliant.

Monsune – “JADE”

I love how this song starts slow and build in intensity. I’ve heard a few songs of Monsune where his voice shines but in this one he gives all he’s got.

Mac DeMarco – “Chamber Of Reflection”

One of my friends often was telling me how much they loved DeMarco and I had not really taken the time to listen. The melody of the synth in the chorus and the very chill mood in this song caught my ear.

Charlotte Day Wilson – “Find You”

Saw her live and she sounds just as incredible. I think this was the first song I’ve heard from her, and it’s stuck in my head ever since.

Yussef Dayes – “For My Ladies”

I listened to a lot of music that are instrumental only. This is one of them. A little jazzy, laid-back groove from drummer and composer Yussef.



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