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Stream Jenn Grant’s New Single “Happy Birthday, Baby”

By: Staff –

Jenn Grant is back with a new single titled “Happy Birthday, Baby” a song that reflects on the experiences and emotions around becoming a parent.

“I found childbirth and postpartum to be such an intense, overwhelming but also beautiful and sacred experience,” Jenn reflects. “It can be like all your worst fears and biggest dreams of life coming true at the same time. This song is about those moments before my son was born, and thereafter.”

“Happy Birthday, Baby”, along with the previously released tracks and a beautiful acoustic rendition of Love, Inevitable’s single, “Raven”, will be released as the Reimagine EP, which will drop digitally on February 21st and be available in limited edition physical copies at Grant’s upcoming concerts in Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa (tour date details can be found below).

Grant continues, “I wanted to include some songs on this Reimagine EP to go with Love, Inevitable. It’s been such an all-encompassing experience around that record and the touring of it, that I felt a few more songs needed to be added to the mix. These were recorded around Nashville and at Echo Lake Recordings in Nova Scotia – kind of on a whim. I also wanted to extend the life of this beautiful album, by attaching something new to it, like a true EP can do.”


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