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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Selci’s New Video for “For You”

By: Staff –

Selci. (Photo: Annabeth Tronsden)

Emerging Calgary alt-pop artist Selci is back with a new video for her track “For You”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“For You” is a confessional song about unreciprocated love that’s out today, she coos over the melodic keys-playing of jazz artist Timothonius.

With a series of strange and dramatic looks, the video for the track offers more of Selci’s signature surrealist vision. Lyrically, Selci turns a series of heartbreaking moments into a darkly humourous reflection on modern dating, calling herself out for her part in past rejections.

“It’s about wanting something to go my way and not being able to have it…romantically speaking,” Selci says, with a laugh. “At first, when I was writing the song, I was poking fun at myself for trying so hard to get someone to like me, even after getting rejected. After a while, the writing process ended up very emotionally charged! Thinking back to the poor communication with past lovers and how sometimes I felt taken advantage of got me pretty fired up. This track became a reminder to myself on how not to act with my future lovers.”


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