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Concert Review: Waterparks “Anti-Tour” Livestream

By: Jessica Nakamoto –

Whether music is your pastime or your entire personality (no judgement, we understand!), artist livestreams have been an absolute lifeline this past year and a half.

Yet, with the recent surge in online shows, comes the inevitable reality that viewers have been exposed to everything from small acoustic sets on the patio, to sweeping high-priced and extravagant productions. So, what could possibly stand out from the crowd at this stage in the game?

Touting the answer and returning with their first full performance since live events officially ground to a halt, last Saturday’s stream saw Waterparks’ Awsten Knight, Otto Wood, and Geoff Wigington, immerse fans in a much-needed unique concert experience.

Mischievously titled the “Anti-Tour”, the band’s livestream event was broadcast exclusively on Veeps and offered a glorious hour of invigorating music and hilarious impromptu moments. For whether it be challenging their manager to “think fast!” as they tossed him a guitar pick offscreen or Knight jamming so hard during a song that he broke the tone knob on his guitar, there were plenty of honest unfiltered moments to be enjoyed.

From the very beginning of the 16-song set, the Houston trio made a point to keep things real with the audience and video crew alike. And in the end, it was arguably this attitude that made the show so special. “I’m not going to pretend like there’s not seven people in here” Knight laughed and gestured to the band’s team, “you can clap!”

Cracking jokes, expressing their approval for Nerds Clusters, and engaging in banter with the audience at home – “You at home. Get up. I’m serious. I can see you!” – the band’s performance complimented the whacky but cool “romantic forest” set design and the purposefully bouncy camera movement and blur effects. In certain moments, the video mimicked what you would see if you’d looked through your phone camera at a gig, and for a second, you were transported back to your happy place.

However, this wasn’t the only exciting surprise for fans. The audience was treated to back-to-back acoustic tracks (“Lucky People” and “21 Questions”) and you can only imagine the chaos that ensued in everyone’s homes when the band performed the elusive “Telephone” live.

Additionally, in true unexpected Waterparks fashion, the band dished out not one, but three live debuts of songs off their upcoming fourth record, Greatest Hits. Those in the chat gushed over a first look at the trio’s newest single “Numb” (out now), and clearly, if this stream was any indication, we have a lot more electrifying material to look forward to come May.

With all of this in mind, it would seem absurd to declare the “Anti-Tour” anything but a smashing success. Not only did it perfectly capture the delightfully spontaneous and (mostly) organized chaos that is Waterparks in a nutshell, but it also provides a glimpse of an exciting future. What more could one possibly ask?

Waterparks’ “Anti-Tour” Performance will remain available for re-watch until April 13.

For more on Waterparks, visit their official website here.



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