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Exclusive: Stream Joey Stylez’s New Curated “BLE$$ED” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Joey Stylez’s new single “It’s The Life” features Jason Chakita, the emerging JUNO Award-nominated hip hop artist curated a brand new curated “BLE$$ED” Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Stylez hit the ground running in the early 2000s with internet and mainstream hits that challenged society’s views of Indigenous people. With online streaming in the tens of millions and collaborations with big names such as Dragonette, Bun B & Ty Dolla $ign, Stylez has showcased his talents to the delight of his fans.

“It’s The Life” features Jason Chakita, a track to bump while you’re riding. It’s outlaw music, and outlaws are riders. They follow where the hustle takes them. “It’s The Life” fits the headdress. The song comes from his new album 3 Eye Hip. Check it out here.

Jelly Roll – “Save Me” 

Jelly Roll really strikes a note in the soul on this one. It’s very easy to feel this track, as in my time I have been a rider of the storm, and this one really talks about the things an outlaw faces in their life.

The Strokes – “The Adults Are Talking”

The Strokes are the band that really snowballed my interest in music. Before their track “Someday”, I only listened to trap music. And this song is just as fly as that track was to me. Definitely got this one on repeat often.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – “Texas Sun”

Oh man, these cats are just so cold! They went off on this one. When I’m rolling with my wifey and have this track playing, it feels so right. I mean, dude couldn’t get anymore slick, and the only place with skies as dope as Texas gotta be Saskatchewan, the land of living skies. 

Carsen Gray – “No Joke” 

No matter how perfect someone seems to be, just know they have their demons and skeletons in their closets as well. Carsen’s clean vocals sound dope as fuck on this western style trap beat and she hauntingly delivers a tale of all of us and our sins we try to forget. 

Pop Smoke – “Wolves feat. Nav”

This track brings me back to my days and nights spent in the shadow being somewhat of a seedy character. I done lots of things I am not proud off but they helped shape me into the man I am today and this song is that vibe.

Colter Wall – “Big Iron” 

I’m a Native American prairie boy from Saskatoon, and many of my friends and family went on to do jail time or join street gangs. Colter comes from the other side of the track. His dad was the premier of the province, and they come from a rural area. I’m guessing they never knew the hardships of the system. So this is the Cowboys & Indians in me loving this tough story, where the Indian Outlaws are the ones that live like the lyrics in this song and Colter kills it with guitar and a killer voice.

Hank Williams III – “Country Heroes”

Hank is a savage, I love how he blends the genres together, and in this song he talks about all the old music acts my old tough uncles used to party to. Old rusty pick-up trucks on the rez with dusty bales of hay in the back come to mind when this one bumps. 

Foster The People – “Imagination” 

FTP has always been cutting edge with their sound ever since I heard their first track as it was about to blow up while I was living in L.A. back in 2011. They are big, but in my mind they should be the biggest as they push sound, concept and delivery. This one is for those who pride themselves being hip and artsy cats, which I like to think of myself as. 

Bombino – “Tamiditine”

Desert rock is some of the coolest music to vibe to. When I heard this song it went straight on my playlist and it still plays on heavy rotation. I don’t know what they are saying, but the guitar speaks a universal language of music that has the vibe of the warmest and sunniest day. 

Arcade Fire – “Put Your Money On Me”

I would arguably say Arcade Fire is my favourite band. My lady knew I would love this song when she showed it to me and she was definitely right. I feel like the coolest man on earth when this song plays, and it speaks of a love that was pre-written in the stars which I can relate to. The music on it has the badass 80s night rider vibe but only better.


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