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Gift Guide: 20+ Best Summer 2021 Gift Ideas

Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium

Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium is a unique experience that takes you inside the world of magic and takes a peak behind the curtain to showcase some of magic’s most celebrated figures like Harry Houdini, and takes you on a journey of the evolution of magic, and some surprises along the way!

You begin in the Palais Royale as you start your adventure in Paris in the 1800’s, where you are introduced to the two top magicians of the time, Harry Houdini and Robert Houdin. From there, you move to the The Egyptian Hall, where you learn the rules of magic, and enjoy a period-specific live magic experience. Next, you step into the On-Air Studios, where you learn about the magicians that dominated magic on TV, and where you also meet Penn & Teller. The legendary duo walk you through an audience-wide magic trick that will blow your mind! And finally you have the Evo-lusion Theatre, where you’re engaged by LED walls and surround sound music as you ponder what the future of magic will be like and how technology will impact it, as you’re wowed by a series of captivating live magic tricks.

Featuring live magic, 3D projections, and life-size holograms, Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium is a great summer experience for the whole family!

Available at Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium | $99-$199

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