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Great Whales: Up Close and Personal
By: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The ROM’s ongoing Great Whales: Up Close and Personal exhibition gives visitors deep insight into whales, and what we can do to protect them.

Featuring 3 full-size skeletons, including two newly acquired skeletons of a North Atlantic right whale and a sperm whale, plus, an engaging look into the evolution of what we now know as whales, Great Whales: Up Close and Personal not only educates you about how intelligent these mammals are, but showcases how we as humans have routinely hunted and killed hundreds of thousands of whales and the impact that whaling has had on the whale population. But, another large portion of the exhibition teaches visitors about what we can do to help conserve these magnificent creatures. From buying sustainable seafood, limiting  our use of plastic, and preventing pesticides and other contaminants from reaching the ocean we can do our part to preserve the global whale population.

Overall, Great Whales: Up Close and Personal is a deeply moving experience that not only teaches you about the beauty and magnificence of these creatures, but forces you to look at the damage we’ve done to them and their habitats, and encourages you to do better.

Available at Royal Ontario Museum | $21-$35

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