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Tour Diary: The Pick Brothers Band – “2017 Ontario Tour” Part 2

By: The Pick Brothers Band –

Toronto! Hometown show day! Woke up in the early afternoon to spend some time recovering from Waterloo’s festivities and preparing for what the Toronto night would hold. Did a little warming up on our instruments and hit the road.

Got to the venue not long after 5pm for soundcheck and met the guys from Ascot Royals and ART the band. Both great bands and all great dudes so we were stoked for a long night with a good crew. Dialed in all our stage levels, hit up a nearby pho spot and got back in time to see ARTs early set. They’re a jazzy punky instrumental horn band and they killed it. Ascot Royals went up next playing really tight radio friendly rock and roll. They also killed it as the room started filling up.

We went on at 10pm and played our set. The crowd was amazing and super high energy so it was easy for us to have a beautiful time on stage. We ripped thru the old and new songs and encored with a couple of tunes off of our first project, Pink Lemonade, which made for a couple of the best sing alongs of the night.

After the show we hung around with so many great people at the venue before we moved over to the after party and stayed up very late.

See part 1 here.

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