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Tour Diary: The Pick Brothers Band – “2017 Ontario Tour” Part 4

By: The Pick Brothers Band –

Woke up early on day five to a beautiful morning for a long media day in Kingston. Started off at the TV station and then moved on to a couple of radio stations for interviews and a performance. Went back to our manager’s spot to meet up with the rest of our band and recharge for a bit before heading to the Mansion for load in. Got to the venue in the early evening, checked sound, and left for some subs. Returned to a warm and growing crowd that was really feeling the openers Connor Poulain, and the Relative. We played for about an hour and the room kept buzzing. We left the venue around midnight for a final drink and some late night stargazing. Off to Burnstown tomorrow!

Woke up just outside Kingston on day six at our manager Graeme McDonald’s big ol’ country house and spent the morning drinking coffee and tossing a frisbee around before we shot an acoustic video for “Blue” on the lawn.

Headed for Burnstown in the afternoon to set up at Neat Cafe where we’d be playing later that evening. Everybody set up while Jeremiah did a phone interview with Ottawa’s CKCU radio station. After soundcheck we headed down to the water to hang and enjoy the scenery before doors.

Around 9:30pm we played in the super old brick house turned venue to a seated local audience. The sound was great and so was the vibe. As the show went on people started getting out of their chairs to dance.

Hung out til late at the venue with the crew before we headed up to a sweet house on a hill where we were put up for the night. We played ping pong, ate spaghetti, and crashed amongst the many bedrooms.

Woke up causally in Burnstown for day seven in the big house on the hill. Warmed up with a little bit of ping pong and then shot an acoustic video for “Yesterdays” in the living room in front of the giant forest facing windows. In the early afternoon we packed the vans and headed for Montreal.

Got into the Canadian city of love not too long before soundcheck but with enough time to stop by a depanneur to buy beer and hang out a little in a park by the venue. Went back for soundcheck around 630 and did our thing. Heard locals We Are Monroe checking as well and became stoked for their show. Skipped off for dinner and got back just in time to catch the openers D.T.Robertson from Vancouver and the Sick Things from Montreal. Both bands were great. We played our set at 930 to a swell crowd who at that point had been warmed up real well. All the songs felt great and we were clicking like bands do as the road shows start to mount up. We Are Monroe took the stage last and killed their set and kept the room moving.

After the sets we hung around with the bands and some friends before we took off for our hotel on crescent street and partied until it was light out and birds were chirping.

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