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Tour Diary: The Pick Brothers Band – “2017 Ontario Tour” Part 3

By: The Pick Brothers Band –

Niagara Falls! First stop of day three of the tour was our grandma’s place, where after drinks and appetizers the whole team worked through a proper Italian dinner. Having eaten too many meatballs and then declining and then finally accepting pie and coffee, we spilled out to the vans and headed to soundcheck. At the venue, we set up our gear on the outdoor stage, said hellos to the crew and other bands and headed off to see some friends who lived nearby.

While hanging out at the backyard pre-party, we got into some competitive ring toss and a big batch of lemonade containing a lot more gin than anybody realized.

Around 8pm we floated back to the venue to hear the two opening acts – DRFTR and Majora – who were both sounding great. At 10pm we got on stage to do our thing and had a really nice time playing outdoors in pretty perfect weather. The crowd was sweet and the tunes echoed around the little downtown area.

After the gig we hung around a little while before saying relatively early goodbyes. We were hoping to get as much sleep as possible in advance of an early interview and performance on CP24 the next morning in Toronto.

For day four of the tour, we woke up early on Sunday morning to head into CP24 in Toronto for an interview and live performance of our tune Blue. We were excited and a little nervous but the whole thing ended up pretty cool and relaxed. After the show we wound down with a bunch of Eggs Benedict and then just chilled for the day.

In the evening we drove to Hamilton to load in and soundcheck for the night’s gig at Mill’s Hardware. The place was nice with a good stage and good team, so we got our stage levels pretty quick before we settled into the fridge full of beer and deli trays in our green room. Jokes were told and colourful stories about the party after Friday’s Toronto show unfolded.

Hamilton’s Blind Mule opened the show around 9pm and warmed the spot up real nice. We played to a good crowd who were vibing and dancing through our set. When we were finished, we sold a little merch, had a few more drinks and caught up with some old friends before we headed off to crash after a very long day.

See part 1 here, and part 2 here.

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