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Year in Review: The Best Songs of 2016

Kristen Fisher 

Song: “Leadlight”
Artist: Julia Jacklin
Album: Don’t Let The Kids Win
Label: Polyvinyl 
Released: October 7


Julia Jacklin’s song “Leadlight” officially spawned an end of the summer adrenaline rush. As soft spoken Jacklin comes off, “Leadlight” grew into this beckon of soothing calm. Somehow Jacklin had been hiding in the shadows to suddenly engross my entire summer transitioning into fall with only one song.


Song: “Cruel Ways”
Artist: Drowners
Album: On Desire
Label: Frenchkiss Records
Released: June 24

The cruel nature of a significant other, whether the relationship is hitting a sour note or generally the other individual ends up showing their true colors “Cruel Ways” explains it all. Drowners’ “Cruel Ways” may be the antidote to all the love songs we hear, instead of the loveable couples the band addresses the people who are dealing with the cruel intentions of their other half.

Somehow this track had a more significant impact for one simple reason: It opened a new viewpoint my eyes were previously closed to before.


Song: “Love On The Brain”
Artist: Rihanna
Album: Anti
Label: Westbury Road/Roc Nation
Released: January 28


Rihanna’s song “Love On The Brain”…the amount of times this song has been played in and around the house seems ridiculous. However, this track dropped the mic before Rihanna finishes singing the last verse.

Heartfelt, ache, trouble, past, present, future and completely utter truth. Rihanna has never shied away from anything involved with music, “Love On The Brain” felt like an expanding universe into the soul of a singer ready to take the next step towards growth.


Song: “Joe’s Dream”
Artist: Bat For Lashes
Album: The Bride
Label: Parlophone
Released: September 1


Natasha Khan without a doubt may have my vote for best album of the year, however the single “Joe’s Dream” stills the spotlight from the rest of the songs. As dark and subtly death profound the track proclaims it’s Khan’s guitar and vocals that bend the scope towards heartache and redemption.


Song: “Enough”
Artist: Counterfeit
Album: Enough
Label: Independent
Released: April 1


Now this song sticks out from the rest of the list but Counterfeit’s track “Enough” treads on uncharted territory. While opening with a metal/screamo riff, Counterfeit quickly turn the tables via Enough’s lyrical content. Instead of hate and revenge, Enough describes how ‘being able to love’ is actually the vendetta we need to enforce. Nowadays this particular song seems to have more meaning than before the release date.



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