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Year in Review: The Best Songs of 2016

Alx Bear

Song: “Say It (Feat. Tove Lo)”
Artist: Flume
Album: Skin
Label: Future Classic/Mom + Pop
Released: April 22


Australian electronic musician Flume took listeners by storm when he released his self-titled debut album in 2012. “Say It,” the fourth single off of his second album, Skin, is sex wrapped in damaged euphoria.

Tove Lo’s sensual and direct vocals highlight the struggle between resisting further heartbreak and giving in to carnal desires. The track’s smoldering build that drops into clashing beats as the chorus hits further emphasizes the emotive nature of the battle. The electric “Say It” and chemistry of Flume and Tove Lo make this track an electronic favorite for 2016.


Song: “Alaska”
Artist: Maggie Rogers
Label: Debay Sounds/Capitol
Released: October 14


Maggie Rogers had the music community buzzing when she brought Pharrell to tears during her performance of “Alaska” in his Masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute.

The light instrumentation of the song contrasts its heavy theme that sometimes you need to free yourself from the relationships that weigh you down. Rogers sings the release, “And I walked off you, and I walked off an old me.” The song is dreamy, textured and a perfect example of a folk-dance track.


Song: “All The Way Up (feat. French Montana and Infared)”
Artist: Fat Joe and Remy Ma
Label: Terror Squad Entertainment/Entertainment One Music
Released: March 2


Fat Joe and Remy Ma proved they could put past beef behind them, collaborate and take a track “All The Way Up.” Interspersed horns break up the steady beat, giving the track a ‘90s feel.

Fat Joe delivers “And if you ask anybody where I live, they’ll point to the hills and say, go all the way up” as Remy Ma counters with another tight verse. Infared on the hook and French Montana at the bridge make the hip-hop jam a club must.


Song: “This Girl”
Artist: Kungs vs Cookin’ On 3 Burners
Label: Sound Of Barclay/Universal Music France
Released: February 19


The opening horns and line “money rains from the sky above/ but keep the change cause I’ve got enough” set the positive tone of “This Girl.” Nineteen year old, French DJ, Kungs remixed Cookin’ On 3 Burner’s soulful 2009 track to give it a faster pace and tropical house feel.

The song centers on a girl who doesn’t need money or gifts to win her over, which is echoed by the lyrics “you’ll never buy my love!” The sunshine vibes made “This Girl” one of our favorite summer jams of 2016.



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