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Year in Review: The Best Albums of 2016

Daniel Hager

Album: Coloring Book
Artist: Chance the Rapper
Label: Independent 
Released: May 13


Never would I have thought I would be blown away by an album or an artist who labels himself Christian hip-hop but Chance the Rapper has done just that.

With singles like “No Problem” hitting the rap game hard and “Summer Friends” backing up the gospel aspect with a more soft and melodic tone this album hits all the right vibes for me.


Album: Jessica Rabbit
Artist: Sleigh Bells
Label: Torn Clean
Released: November 11


Sleigh Bells leaves 2016 with a fresh sound and an album that can be played from end to end.

With three years in between albums, many fans finally feel their thirst quench, for now.


Album: Wildflower
Artist: The Avalanches
Label: Modular
Released: July 1


16 years between albums and The Avalanches come out of left field and bless 2016 with a new album.

By no means my favorite album of the year the shear shock of this album dropping with almost no word from the band over the last decade has rejuvenated my fandom.


Album: Blackstar
Artist: David Bowie
Label: RCA
Released: January 8


An album released only days before his passing, David Bowie truly left a mark on this world with his passion and talent.

Going out with what can only be seen as a passion project, the album is very horn heavy but carried his incredibly distinct voice. Being so close to death his voice still carried with it a sense of regal courage, no different from that of his youth.


Album: Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Artist: Descendents
Label: Epitaph
Released: July 29


With over twenty years of punk rocking under their belts the descendents came into 2016 prepared to make it their bitch.

With sold out shows across the country they’ve only proven the notion that punk rock can never die.


One thought on “Year in Review: The Best Albums of 2016

  1. I like it very much

    Posted by Ricky ortiz | December 3, 2016, 2:06 am

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